About Dave

Dave Forgac is an Internet technologist living in Lakewood, OH (just outside of Cleveland) with his wife and son. He is currently working as a Python software engineer focused on developing a mostly-RESTful API. He has worked up and down the complete technology stack but has a special interest in APIs, system integration, and automation. He works with FOSS when possible.


If you’ve seen the username “tylerdave” and wondered: No, Dave’s real name is not Tyler.

The story: Way back when Dave was in college, most of his friends lived in a dorm named “Cutler.” In that building there were five other Daves. In order to tell them apart, each Dave acquired a name modifier. Because Dave lived in a dorm named “Tyler” he became “Tyler Dave.” Dave registered tylerdave.com in 1999 and has used “tylerdave” as a username most places ever since.